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About Us

Glo Ind Logistics – A Global Freight Forwarding, Project Logistics, Customs Clearance and Shipping Group

Backed by strong academia, decades of industry experience and inspired by the guiding principles of Dr. Ashutosh P. Bhupatkar – Glo Ind Logistics was founded to transform international logistics. In a landscape riddled with myriad challenges and intricacies associated with transporting shipments across international borders while adhering to strict timelines, it can be an arduous task for customers and organizations to identify a dependable partner who will consistently deliver on commitments. Glo Ind Logistics emerges as a reliable solution here, boasting a rich legacy of industry experience and a consistent track record of fulfilling commitments to our valued clients over several years.

We are a freight forwarding and shipping group that seamlessly integrates all the essential functions of international trade transactions. We go to the minutest detail of every international trade transaction to ensure that the needs of our customers are met at every step of the process. Be it providing reliable customs clearance services, expertly planning and overseeing project cargo and break-bulk shipments, efficiently transporting goods using diverse multi-modal options, ensuring secure storage of goods in state-of-the-art warehouses, offering valuable customer guidance and trusted contract logistics services – we stand as a complete solution in the vast expanse of international logistics.


We recognize that selecting the right logistics partner can be a daunting task. Your choice of Glo Ind makes this task easier as it offers:

Glo Ind Logistics brings decades of experience in operational documentation ensuring integrity of your goods from start to end.

With a wide range of services, we offer an all-in-one solution for your international trade logistics requirements.

Our consistent track record of meeting commitments and delivering on time sets us apart as a dependable partner.

We specialize in crafting customized solutions to address the specific challenges and intricacies of your logistics needs.

With a worldwide network and extensive knowledge of international logistics, we can effectively meet your cross-border needs.

We pay meticulous attention to details in every transaction, ensuring that your goals are met at every stage of the process.

Secured storage facilities equipped with the latest technologies to handle your goods.

We offer combination of all diverse transportation options to transport your goods.

Our clear and timely communication ensures that you are informed at every stage.

Our vision

To be the First Choice for all our stake holders through/by offering Excellence, Talent and Respect.

Our mission

To connect productively all contributors to cross border deliveries in the global arena through a fair sharing of the business rewards.

Glo-Ind Core Values
OUR ValueS

Treating every individual with consideration and dignity.


Ensuring equitable treatment and opportunities for all.


Recognizing and nurturing the skills and abilities of our team members.


Striving for the highest quality and performance in everything we do.


Conducting business in a principled and morally responsible manner.