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Custom Clearance

Custom Clearance

We understand that every single international trade transaction is intricate in nature and thus is bound to challenge the practitioners of international trade perpetually. Thus there should be absolute integration of functions of all participants and seamless communication channel for linking every action simultaneously as well as consecutively. This is how we approach to execute every single international movement of cargo.

We undertake/handle Customs Clearance:

  • Of Food Products, Chemicals, Steel, Machinery, Project Imports, Exhibition Goods, Second hand machinery, Vehicles, Personal effects, etc.
  • Under various duty exemption/concession/remission/rewards schemes of Government of India such as SEZ, EOU, EPCG, Advance Authorisation, Deemed Exports, clearance under Green Channel (DPD), etc.

In addition we undertake customs related job of :

  • Amendments, SVB Registrations/order/refund, Bond cancellations.

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