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Consulting & Advisory Services

Consulting And Advisory Services

At Glo Ind Logistics, we understand that exceptional service demands much beyond the core activities of logistics and shipping. We recognize the need for comprehensive support required while executing an international trade transaction. Our commitment to excellence extends to assisting you in avoiding costly documentation errors, ensuring legal compliance, and preventing avoidable delays. By offering these additional services, we equip you to mitigate hidden losses, keep your customers satisfied, and enhance your overall business performance.

We go the extra mile by offering in-house implant to bridge the communication and service channels. For this we train implants to aptly understand the needs at both ends. This means our experts can work with your organization, providing hands-on guidance, handholding and trainings.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are the backbone of efficient logistics and shipping operations. Our experts assist you in developing customized SOPs for your Export-Import (EXIM) department, ensuring that your processes are streamlined, consistent, and compliant with global standards.

We offer pre-shipment and post-shipment consultation to guide through the intricacies of documentation. We help navigate the complexities of export and import procedures, ensuring documentation is accurate and compliant with domestic and international regulations. This goes a long way in availing the various incentives, subsidies and other commercial benefits.

We provide expert guidance on Foreign Trade Policies, helping you make the most of exemptions, concessions, benefits, and rewards. Further, we also keep you aware about the prohibitions, restrictions and the developments thereof.

Our assistance extends to helping you secure the right insurance coverage, ensuring that your business is protected from unexpected challenges. Our support in matters related to  GST keep the operations fully compliant with all regulatory requirements.

We also stay ahead of the curve by promptly sharing the latest shipping industry updates and relevant developments in customs and allied laws, so you can adapt and thrive.

With Glo Ind Consulting and Advisory, you can count on a partner who is dedicated to elevating your international trade experience to new heights.


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