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Project & Break-Bulk

Project and Break-Bulk

Glo Ind Logistics stands at the forefront of international cargo transportation, specializing in the handling of oversized and heavyweight cargo, delivered both in containerized form and as break-bulk shipments. We prioritize planning as the most important actionable when executing project or break-bulk movements. Our commitment to safe movements backed by industry expertise makes us a trusted partner in addressing the unique logistics challenges faced by a broad spectrum of industries.


Our comprehensive suite of services for heavy lift and oversized cargo is designed to ensure effective logistics operations. We provide visibility throughout the cargo’s journey; from the moment it’s prepared for shipment to its final destination. Our services include pre-shipment documentation support, expert guidance on Letter of Credit clauses, advanced lashing and choking techniques for cargo security, efficient transportation to and from the vessel’s side, specialized container booking and freight services, and a seamless customs clearance process. We also offer vessel fixing and chartering services with flexibility and choices.

A Commitment to Safety and Efficiency

At Glo Ind Logistics, we place safety and operational efficiency at the core of our services. Our team comprises of highly experienced professionals with profound knowledge of vessel operational intricacies, port logistics and road operations. Our in-depth knowledge powers us to navigate the complex landscape of such movements with finesse, including UCPDC, customs regulations, and EXIM policies. We have fostered strategic partnerships with key industry players, including transporters, shipping lines, and break-bulk vessel operators. These close relationships provide us access to invaluable resources and routes, enabling us to perpetually enhance service experiences.

At Glo Ind Logistics, we are dedicated to elevating your logistics experience and providing you with a level of service that exceeds expectations.


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